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We are highly experienced in a range of Geological and Mining services.

Our geological consulting services are backed up by a breadth of experience across many facets of the global mining industry. From estimating and reporting resources and reserves for some of the worlds biggest mining companies to a hands on, cost focused approach to mine geology, to managing portfolios of exploration assets for junior ASX listed companies – Cadre has the smarts to ensure your company’s geological function performs efficiently and on budget.


Our Services

We specialise in gold, iron ore (hematite and magnetite) and rare earth elements – and have exposure to several other commodities. Mineral Resource estimation, project due diligence, and Independent Geologist reporting and valuation are part of our CP services. Cadre geologists possess post graduate qualifications in Geostatistics which reinforce strong backgrounds in operational Resource Estimation and mill reconciliation.
Our skills in mine geology are honed from both practical, hands on experience and technical best practice in both open pit and underground mines. Effective mine geology is arguably THE most important discipline on a mine site, encompassing grade control, ore design and extraction and stockpile management. We believe in automated workflows that allow geologists more time doing geology and less time doing administrative tasks – while keeping the whole team thinking as one. Strong experience in 3D modelling allows rapid and effective identification of the controls on your mineralisation to plan drilling that best unlocks project value by growing the resource efficiently.
We have the knowhow and equipment to undertake all forms of fieldwork, from drill supervision to remote reconnaissance – and we stay until the job is done. We go anywhere anytime to manage whole projects, or provide support to your existing team.
Strong experience in corporate geology from smithing stock exchange announcements to occupying board positions allows us to provide clients quality support in this area. We also complete due diligence for project acquisition and Independent Geologists Reports for IPO’s.


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